at HDYH Fest we let everyone - speakers, vendors, sponsors and attendees - join in on the fun and be part of the experience, It's all about Education, Growth, and Optimization. Oh... and Play! Lot of Play!

Talks from specialists in every area of health & wellness

Masterminds, networking & workshops facilitated by professionals

Activations set up by our favorite health brands

Health bars all over the campus, serving vitamin cocktails & treats

Masterminds and networking for health practitioners & influencers

Vitamin injections & IVs onsite

Grab your tickets as pricing increases at the door
and we may sell out prior.

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Featured Speakers

Featured Speakers

Dr. Alan Christianson

Naturopathic Physician - Endocrinologist

Susan Bratton

Co-Founder, Personal Life Media

Nagina Abdullah

Online Weight Loss Coach

Elias Arjan

Biohacker and Wellness Educator

Courtney Barnes

Counsel - Feldman Legal Advisors

Robby Besner


Mike Bledsoe

The CEO of The Strong Coach

Katey Brigham

Health Communication Strategies

Dr. Nathan Bryan

Nitric Oxide Scientist and Entrepreneur

DJ Catwalk

Creative director, curator, producer, and deejay

Reed Davis

Founder of the FDN® Certification Course

Bryn Daylor

Feminine Embodiment Coach

Christian Drapeau

Inventor of Plant Based Stem Cell Enhancers

Sandra Dreisbach

Advisor, Advocate, Educator and Facilitator MA., Phd. in Philosophy

Jonny Dupre

Psycho-Social Coach & Trainer

Mollie Eastman

Creator of Sleep Is A Skill

CJ Finley


Tara Garrison

Alternative & Holistic Health Service

Baldomero Garza

Co-Founder How Do You Health?

Danielle Gertner

Ownership Coach and Self Mastery Mentor

Annie Gigliotti

Nurse Acupuncturist Herbalist

Rafael Gonzalez

Senior Vice President of Research at TheBioBox

Lyn Graft

Chief Story Officer @Shar.Snacks

Zach Horvath

Founder, Owner - LIVE A GREAT STORY

Noah Huisman

Fitness Enthusiast / Rhone Ambassador

Misha Hyman

Chef Misha, The founder and CEO of THWP

Scott Kennedy

Certified laser/light specialist and health coach

Freddie Kimmel

Podcast Host, Public Speaking, AmpCoil

Ravi Komatireddy

CEO and Founder Daytona Health

Kiran Krishnan


Diana Lane

Stress reduction specialist and holistic health expert

Ani Manian

Performance Coach & Psychedelic Therapist

Dasha Maximov

Optimization: founder - @whealth.co

Jonathan Mendoza

AKA “Nurse Doza” | Co-founder of The Health Lounge, MSW Nutrition and How Do You Health Network

Nathalie Niddam

Biohacker, Nutritionist and Epigenetic Coach

Lee Noto

Intimacy Coach

Kayla Osterhoff

Neuropsychophysiologist and women's health expert

Brent Thomas

Qigong Expert | Masters degree in Chinese Medicine

Jen Veltri

Dance, Disco, and Dopamine

Kristin Weitzel

Health and high-performance maven

Shawn Wells

Biochemist, Dietitian & Formulator.

Tah & Kole Whitty

Creators: Psychedelic-Informed Coach Certification

Alexandra Williams

Alternative & Holistic Health Service

Allison Wojtowecz

Nutritionist, Comic, Podcaster and Brand Manager

Jennifer Zuckerman

Medical and Spiritual Professional. Plant Medicine Mentor Family Nurse Practitioner

Jay Khorsandi

Dentist- Snoring/Sleep Apnea Expert / Sleep Optimization Coach / Biohacker Wellness Enthusiast

Braydon Alley

Mobility Performance Coach

Don Moxley

Exercise Physiologist/Sport scientist/bio hacker LONGEVITY LABS

Dr. Jenna Valentine

AcupuncturistDACM, LAc, AOBTA-CP, Dipl. OM

Sofia Gravagna

Spreading Wellness
Nutrition & Peak Performance Coaching

Dr Jen Ashby

Mom, clinician, adventurer, equestrian, motorcyclist, hiker, life lover, acupuncturist, sister, friend.

Corey Lawson

Online Fitness Coach | Macros | Group Workout Events

Kelli Gray

Functional Nutrition Counselor
Director of Partnerships & Product Development @silverbiotics

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Why Attend

Connect and Play with other festival-goers, speakers, influencers, health brands, practitioners, and founders. Learn from educators seeking to teach the community about the latest science and practices that lead to optimal health. With community building fitness and activity events, we'd be surprised if you don't make new and ever-lasting friends and colleagues.

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How Do You Health? Fest is a curated event where attendees, speakers, and exhibitors alike come to learn, play and connect. A three day event filled with movement, speakers, interactive experiences, and more.

3rd Annual How Do You Health Festival?

December 2-4, 2022

At Music Hill Ranch

16219 Flintrock Road, Austin, TX 78738

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